The Abkhazo-Adyghean languages also called Northwest Caucasian languages together with the Northeast Caucasian languages or Nakh-Dagestanian belong to North Caucasian family and are presented nowadays by the Abkhaz, Abaza, Adyghe, Kabardian/Circassian, and Ubykh languages. The graphical model of the relationship of these languages was constructed on the data of Sergey Starostin presented on The Tower of Babel. Supposing that the speakers of Abkhazo-Adyghean languages settled the territory of their ancestors, the place for the chart was found on the Northwest Caucasus (see below).
The question about the origin and the ethnical belonging of famous Trypilla (Tripolje) culture is debatable up to this time. This Chalcolithic (Eneolithic) culture existed on the area of Right-bank Ukraine and Moldova during III-II mill. B.C. just then as Turkic tribes settled the steppes to east of the Dnepr. Studying the contacts between Indo-European and Turkic languages we supposed that occasionelly the mediator of these contacts could be the language of the population of Trypilla culture which was of the much higher level.
Many linguists join the Abkhazo-Adyghe and the Nakh-Dagestan Languages into a North Caucasian family, sometimes simply called Caucasian. The South Caucasian languages (we call them Kartvelian) belong to one super-family (phylum) which is named the Nostratic languages. As the all Urheimats of the speakers of the North Caucasian and South Caucasian languges were located side by side on the Caucasus, one can assume the Caucasian and Nostratic language have common proto-language.
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