The question about the origin and the ethnical belonging of famous Trypilla (Tripolje) culture is debatable up to this time. This Chalcolithic (Eneolithic) culture existed on the area of Right-bank Ukraine and Moldova during III-II mill. B.C. just then as Turkic tribes settled the steppes to east of the Dnepr. Studying the contacts between Indo-European and Turkic languages we supposed that occasionally the mediator of these contacts could be the language of the population of Trypilla culture which was of the much higher level.
Scythian and Sarmatian Times
The Scythian and Sarmatian Problems.

The Scythian Culture and Language

Scythian Mythology

The Interpretation of the Data
of Ancient Historians.

Sauromatians         Sarmatians
Germanic Tribes among Sarmats

Alans          Scythian Onomasticon

Alan-Anglo-Saxon Onomasticon

Sarmatian Onomasticon

The Gerros - the Ancient Water Way from the Dnepr to the Sea of Azov
Archaeological cultures in the Forscythian times on the territory of Ukraine
The migration of the Indo-European peoples at the end of the 2nd and at the beginning of the 1st mill BC
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