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The Ethnogenesis of the Slavs
The using of the graphic-analytical method has caused the choice of a strong point for the research of the subsequent history of ethnogenic processes in Eastern Europe. The graphical model of the mutual relation of Slavic languages can be the such. The study of by Baltic languages cannot give results because of their small quantity. Only two of them (Latvian and Lithuanian) remained be "living" tongues at present. Yet the vocabulary of Prussian language restored by linguists can be still added to these languages, but creating the model of these three languages, we do localize natural areas of their arising because of the small quantity of knots. In any case the model will have the form of a triangle which can be placed on a geographical map in any way. Not much information was kept about the Thracian language or its dialects. The same can be said about the language of the Scythians. Consequently, we have no other material for the study concerning the 1st mill BC except the vocabulary of the Slavic languages. The first such study by means of selected vocabulary of modern Slavic tongues has been maid yet at the end of the eighties and its results has been published in a linguistic magazine (STETSYUK V.M., 1987). However the results of new research were already known yet then. This research has been made by means of the other database, namely by the representative selection from Slawski's and Trubachev's etymological dictionaries of the Proto-Slavic-language (TRUBACHIOV O.N. Ed., 1974 ), SŁAWSKI F. 1974). Unfortunately, limited volume of the magazine article did not allow to publish the results of both researches. Consequently the results of the previous research have been chosen for the publication, although, it would be necessary to bring some correction to the model of Slavic languages concerning Russian language according the results of the second research. This was be done some years later (STETSYUK VALENTYN., 2000).
Migration of the population of Eastern Europe in the 1st mill BC
The chart of the mutual relations of Slavic languages.
The map of the Slavic settlements areas in the begin of 1st mill AD
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