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61.000  words of 56 languages
The etymological tables were compiled only for statistical calculations and were used  by means of the graphic-analitical method for constructing graphic models of language relationships. They show only presence or absence of the match to a word root in certain language but don't demonstrate quantity of such matches.
Map of the setllements of Indoeuropean, Finno-Ugric and Turkic tribes (click)
The Indo-European languages
Com - common words.
Black - Pokorny's data in the main.
Blue - Data out of other sources.
Main used sources
(MS)Pok - Pokorny J. (1949-1959) Indogermanisches etymologisches Woerterbuch. Bern.
Ab - Abayev V.I. (1958 - 1989) Istoriko-etimologicheskiy slovar' osetinskogo yazyka. Moskva.
Ach - Acharjan Hr. (1971)  Hajeren arnatakan barraran. Erevan.
Frn - Fraenkel E. (1955-1965) Litauisches etymologisches Woerterbuch. Heidelberg.
Frs - Frisk H. (1970) Griechisches etymologisches Woerterbuch. Heidelberg.
Hol - Holthausen F. (1974) Altenglisches Etymologisches Woerterbuch. Heidelberg.
Holthausen F. (1934).  Gotisches Etymologisches Woerterbuch. Heidelberg
Hub - Huebschman Heinrich (1972) Armenische Grammatik. Erster Teil. Armenische Etymologie. Hildesheim - New York.
Kap - Kapantsyan Gr. (1956) Istoriko-lingvisticheskiye raboty. K nachalnoy istorii armyan. Erevan.
Kl - Kluge Friedrich (1989) Etymologisches Woerterbuch der deutschen Sprachen. 22 Auflage. Berlin - New York.
M - Melnychuk O. , editor (1982-  ) Etymologichnyj slovnyk ukrajinskoyi movy. Kyiv.
Top - Toporov V.N. (1975) Prusskiy yazik. Moskva.
Vas - Vasmer Max (1964 - 1974) Etimologicheskiy slovar' russkogo yazika.
W - Walde A. (1965) Lateinisches etymologisches Woerterbuch. Heidelberg.
     A      B - Bh       D - Dh      E       G Gh - I      K     L - M      N - O     P      R - Sk       Sl - Su        T - U   
The Turkic languages
Main used sourses:
Sevortyan E.V. Etimologicheskiy slovar' turkskikh yazykov. Moskva 1974. (The Etymological Dictionary of Turkic Languages)
- Yegorov V.G.  Etimologicheskiy slovar' chuvashskogo yazyka. Cheboksary 1964.  (The Etymological Dictionary of Chuvash Language)
- Sir Gerard Clauson. An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-Thirteenth-Century Turkish. Oxford. 1972.
Green - Data of Yegorov V.G.
Blue - Data of  Sir Gerard Clauson.
        A     B        C      D       E,  G,  I        J              M,  N,  O,  P              S      Š,  T      U, Y
The Finno-Ugric languages
While creating the etymological tables of Finno-Ugric languages Short Etymological Dictionary of the Komi Language has been used:
LYTKIN V.I., GULIAYEV E.S. 1970. Kratkiy etimologicheskiy slovar’ komi yazyka. M. (In Russian) – Short Etymological Dictionary of the Komi Language. M.
        A,   Č ,   Č '   E,   I,   J,   K                  L,   M,  N,   N',   O,   P,   R        S,  S',   Š,   T,   U,  W   
The Iranian languages
While creating the etymological tables of Iranian languages such sources have been used^ - ABAYEV V.I. 1958-1989. Istoriko-etimologicheskiy slovar’ osetinskogo yazyka. M. – (In Russian) – Historian-Etymological Dictionary of Ossetic. M.
- RASTORGUYEVA V.S., EDELMAN D.I. 2000-2004. Etimologicheskiy slovar' iranskikh yazykov. Tom 1,2,3. Moskva. Izdatelskaya firma "Vostochnaya literatura" RAN. – (In Russian) – Etymological Dictionary of Iranian Languages. Vol. 1,2,3. Moscow. Publishing firm "Eastern literature". RAS.
- EDELMAN A.I. 2001. Etimologicheskiy slovar' iranskikh yazykov. Tom 4. Moskva. Izdatelskaya firma "Vostochnaya literatura" RAN. – (In Russian) – Etymological Dictionary of Iranian Languages. Vol. 4. Moscow. Publishing firm "Eastern literature". RAS.
         A, B, Č, D              F, G, I, J, K, L             M, N, O, P, R, S               Š, T, U, V, X, Z, Ž
The Germanic languages
Main suorces: 1. Kluge F. Etimologische Woerterbuch der deutschen      Sprache. Berlin -New York.1989.
2. Holthausen F. Altenglisches etymologisches Woerterbuch. Heidelberg. 1974.
3. Holthausen F. Gotisches etymologisches Woerterbuch. Heidelberg.   1934.
4. Veen, R.A.F. van; Sijs, Nicoline van der. Etymologisch woordenboek. Utrecht/ Antwerpen. Van Dale Lexikografie. 1989.
A, B        D, E, F        G, H       I, J, K, L        M, N, O, P, R        S       T, Þ, U         W
The question about the origin and the ethnical belonging of famous Trypilla (Tripolje) culture is debatable up to this time. This Chalcolithic (Eneolithic) culture existed on the area of Right-bank Ukraine and Moldova during III-II mill. B.C. just then as Turkic tribes settled the steppes to east of the Dnepr. Studying the contacts between Indo-European and Turkic languages we supposed that occasionelly the mediator of these contacts could be the language of the population of Trypilla culture which was of the much higher level.
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